Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Sweet Smell of Success

In most legal careers your successes do not make it to the Globe --

The Dene Tha's litigation was one of the more satisfying peices of litigation I have undertaken. It was challenging, interesting and ultimately successful. The client was even happy (or at least professed to be) at the end of the saga. While there will be a coda in the Federal Court of Appeal the Dene Tha' will actually be able to see some benefits on a number of fronts from having taken on what many viewed as a Quixotic mission.

The background story, which will never really be told, is how the Federal government's intransigence in light of the Dene Tha's reasonable positions put a massive northern industrial program needlessly at risk. On the other hand, the Government's swift change of direction in light of Justice Phelan's ruling shows how government can react in sensible and laudable ways once they focus on matters.

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