Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blogging Again

I took a few months off from blogging as I went through the process of shifting jobs and generally getting re-oriented to my new work environment. Moving a fully operational law practice from one firm to another has been somewhat more exciting in terms of the amount of work involved than originally anticipated (I think it could be best described as dismantling an airplane and then re-assembling it as a new model -- in mid-air with passengers) and I felt that I could not give proper attention to this blogging project to merit posting my thoughts.

I have given some thought though to what this blog is about and have decided to actually focus it on law and events in the public that relate to legal topics. Undoubtedly this will spill over into some politics and social commentary -- for law is fairly well inseparable from those two things -- and perhaps some gossip (for lawyers love to gossip) but I hope to keep a bit of direction to the writing here. I am though thinking about perhaps, maybe having another personal blog for those occasions where I get the urge to write about food, Newfoundland and other miscellany. Now, on with the blogging ....

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Karen said...

Did you see my new blog?
this all goes back to that fateful internet stalk of Andrew Coyne, who is most handsome in some inexplicable way. I think I will do the dummies layout, yellow and black and take a picture of myself in a red beret. macleans is going down the tubes and it used to have such good reading. maybe I can turn things around for them there, eh?