Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Holidays Over

Things have been quiet here lately. No posts since July 11 and scattered posts before then. Well now I will get back on track and limber old the old writing muscles and provide a few unsolicited opinions to my small group of readers (who maybe I will get to grow).

The reasons for my absence are multiple but largely boil down to the fact that it is only possible to juggle so many balls at the same time. For me the last few months have been filled with buying a new house, selling an old house (yes, we did have to bridge for a few nail biting months as the market declined), deciding to leave an old job and joining a new law firm. The latter process I discovered is not so easy when you are further along in ytour career as your work does not just go away bit for some reason clients keep pestering you and expect things like their work to be, how do we say it, done.

Any way changes done and best of all a two week holdiday in Spain under my (womewhat expanded) belt I now feel energized and engaged in a way that i have not in months. Amazing what change can do -- once it is done.

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