Friday, January 4, 2008


With Obama's victory in the Iowa caucuses last night the United States of America moved one giant step forward toward electing its first black president.

When one considers that in my lifetime -- and I am not that old yet -- there were police forces setting dogs on civil rights protestors promoting black voting rights this is an amazing turn about.

Of course the United States still puts a substantial portion of its male balck population in prison for a substantial part of their most productive years so not everything has changed.

But still.

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Barbra said...

As a Philadelphia-area resident who was raised by an Arkansan, I will say there are reasons to have hope, but there are still enormous challenges.

My cousin just returned to Little Rock for the anniversary of the very contentious desegregation of her high school. As you might recall, Faubus called in National Guard troops to keep the peace there. She, in fact, moved to Pennsylvania in the middle of the process.

Philadelphia (and many other North American cities) are rife with violence, much of it black-on-black. Many of my relatives fear the city, even in daylight.

I want all barriers: race, sex, etc. to come down. What I want the most is a compentent, good-hearted leader who will protect the well-being and rights of all citizens, majority and minority. That is never an easy checklist to carry around.

Thanks for the posting, and the optimism. Something inside me goes cold every time I see racism, but hope is contagious warmth.