Saturday, December 1, 2007

Red Fish Blue Fish

The great thing about having associates (that is, younger employed lawyers) when you are a partner type lawyer is that aside from the fact that they are smarter then you and consistently make you look good, they have a life that you can occasionally borrow or steal from. My associate Dominique demonstrated this recently when she made a comment to me the other day about a new restaurant, called Red Fish Blue Fish, in a shipping container that served excellent fish and chips that had to be visited.

Lately I have been going through a period of unseemly self-pity and angst over a number of work related matters and as is generally the case at such times I am capable of persuading myself that calories consumed in such a state -- no matter how greasy or slimy -- do not add weight or clog arteries (contrary to all evidence at my waistline). Thus yesterday for lunch I headed off to the packing crate and discovered the new best fish and chips joint in Victoria.

There is no shelter there -- which is not so good for what will likely be the coldest winter in a while according to the gurus at Environment Canada -- but it mattered not. The chips were crisp without being dessicated. The halibut was cooked with a batter that crunched but was not cremated. There was malt vinegar and excellent tartar sauce. All was good and delicious.

Oh yes, the fish supposedly is all caught sustainably and the recycling containers were all easily accessible and nicely labeled -- so you can feel virtuous. Which is a good thing, as you actually will not feel slender. Ah well, lots of time for weight loss in the grave.

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